Course Structure and Contents

Theoretical Training

Enrolment in the following papers:

  1. Contraception, Pre and Early Pregnancy (OBSTGYN 712 or OBGY 712) Auckland /Otago University
  2. Medical Gynaecology (OBSTGYN 715 or OBGY 715) Auckland/Otago University
  3. Special Topics in Medical Gynaecology (OBSTGYN 716 or OBGY 716) Auckland/Otago University
  4. Sexual Health (GEN A 702) Otago University or another approved course
  5. Human Sexuality - A Foundation Course run by Sextherapy and administered by the Goodfellow Unit of Auckland Medical School or another approved course.

These papers for the Diploma of Sexual and Reproductive Health can be taken at Auckland or Otago University or a mixture of papers from both.

You can choose to enrol to take the five individual papers as "certificate of proficiency".

The Diploma of Sexual and Reproductive Health is the requirement for vocational registration with the NZ Medical Council. However, if you feel that, as well as obtaining the Diploma in Sexual and Reproductive Health you would also like to go on to obtain a University qualification, such as a Diploma or Master of Medical Science, you need to enrol differently and you cannot usually cross credit different papers from different universities.

For example, a Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Science is the five papers prescribed for the Diploma in Sexual and Reproductive Health, plus 3 more papers including a compulsory research methods paper to give an eight paper Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Science from the University of Auckland or Otago.

A Master of Medical Science, instead of a Diploma, is also possible if you have a college membership and get University Dean's approval for the college membership to be considered equivalent to a PG Diploma.

Practical Training

Core Points (Total minimum 1000 hours)

  • Medical Gynaecology (Total 200 hours)
    • 30 clinics (150 hours)
    • Ultrasound (5 hours)
    • Operating theatre sessions - cases as per log book (15 hours)
    • Acute admissions cases as per log book (30 hours)
  • Family Planning clinic sessions (Total 350 hours)
  • Sexual Health clinic sessions (Total 350 hours)

Special Interest Points (Total 100 hours consisting of two topics of 50 hours each)

  • Sexuality - taking cases to a recognised sexuality counsellor to discuss in supervisory sessions.
  • Dermatology - sitting in with a dermatologist/ doing a dermatology clinic.
  • Breast - sitting in with a specialist breast clinic.
  • Urology - sitting in with a specialist urology clinic.
  • Public Health - completing University paper in Public health at Diploma level.
  • Abortion medicine - sitting in with/doing Abortion clinic sessions.
  • Adolescent Health - sitting in with/doing a specialist clinic/one stop shop/adolescent outpatients/school clinics.
  • Sexual Abuse Medicine - DSAC course plus undertaking sexual abuse examinations.
  • General Practice - needs to be sessions involving sexual and reproductive health.
  • Research topic - relevant to sexual and reproductive health.
  • Other approved project