Enrolment for Diploma



Candidates may register at any time of the year. 

An interview may be arranged.

On commencing the course you will complete the registration form and return it to the Diploma Committee with payment of $500 and a copy of your CV.

On receipt of this you will be registered with the Diploma Committee and you will be given the Enrolment Pack containing:

  • The Training Log Book
  • Guidelines to Learning Objectives
  • Registration forms and details of the distance learning modules
  • Any extra reading material.

Recognition of Prior Learning

The Joint Committee recognises that trainees may have prior learning and qualifications relevant to the Diploma in Sexual and Reproductive Health.

Applications made to the Joint Committee for recognition of prior learning are considered on a case by case basis. They should be supported by evidence of formal qualifications or the recommendation of a clinical supervisor.

Following consideration by the Joint Committee, the trainee will be advised of which parts of the programme their prior learning will be cross-credited and from which components the trainee is therefore exempted.

The decisions regarding recognition of prior learning will be minuted in the records of the relevant meeting of the Joint Committee and recorded on the trainee's file.

Candidates who have completed the Diploma of Obstetrics in the previous 3 years may have this recognised towards exemption from the Gynae part of the course.