Diploma Regulations


In order to be admitted to this course of study a student needs to:

  • Have held a medical qualification as approved by the Diploma committee for at least 24 months,
  • Hold current registration with the New Zealand Medical Council, and be a member of a recognised Medical Insurance Society.
  • Satisfy the Diploma committee that the student has appropriate training and experience to undertake the course of study.

A student must show that they are able to obtain experience in an approved Family Planning clinic, Sexual Health clinic, and Gynaecology Department for at least the required number of hours.


A student registered for this Diploma has to follow a course of study of the equivalent of one full-time year and pass papers set out in Course Structure and Content.

The requirements of this Diploma are to be completed within 36 months of the initial registration unless, in exceptional circumstances, the Diploma Committee extends that period.

Course Structure and Content

The course of study consists of four theoretical papers, a practical, clinical component, and special interest topics.

Attendance at a Residential Course in Sexual Health and Medical Gynaecology held in Christchurch, and Auckland at least once a year in each Centre, as recognised by the Diploma Committee.

Practical Requirements

Each student must have completed the prescribed Clinical Training Log Book and a minimum of 1000 hours       

  • Log book
  • Attendance at a recognised course of minimum length 24 hours, weekly distance learning activities including private study and clinical teaching to provide a theoretical framework, as a foundation for sound clinical practice
  • Examination

A student enrolled for this diploma has to carry out satisfactorily such practical or clinical work as the Diploma Committee may require including: 

  • Performance of clinical duties
  • Submission of a Log book of the student’s clinical experience
  • A clinical examination OSCE
  • MCQ - 3 hours


In exceptional circumstances the Diploma Committee may approve a personal course of study that does not conform to these regulations.